As most wine makers discover, designing the “right” label can be almost as hard as making the wine!  We were intent on expressing the essential themes of our philosophy and our wine. 

We feel our label is a fitting symbol of our respect for the land, its history and our contribution.  For this reason, we decided it was important to show our ‘Chêne Bleu’ in its full conceptual context.  So we filled the picture on the label with many of the elements that we believe make our wine and our project unique. 

Embedded in the drawing are dozens of references to what we see as defining Chêne Bleu, taking into account the property’s history, its terroir, the cast of characters, our values, our philosophy, our interests, and the literary works that underpin our thinking. 

Inspired to crack the code and find the hidden references?  There’s a really, really nice prize in store for whoever guesses the most (there are many clues in this website).  Can’t be bothered?  You can settle for the “Where’s Fluffy?” challenge: there are five bunnies hidden in the label - find them all and contact us for your prize, and become an honorary member of the international Bunny Club!

It took a long time to pack in all these references and we are very grateful to the wonderful artist Jane Randfield for patiently engraving them for us.